Bringing “Green Electricity” to Industries and Utilities

Arizona Green Power LLC (AGP) is developing an alternative energy tower project in San Luis, Arizona that will be delivering economical “green” power to industries, utilities, government entities, as well as large industrial and commercial customers looking to increase their green-energy initiatives and reduce their carbon footprint.

You may have noticed recently that Apple signed up for another long term commitment to purchase green power for one of its data centers. Google has repeatedly deployed a similar strategy, and announced yet another purchase of green energy to power its headquarters for 20 years. What we can do for those looking to follow in the footsteps of Google, Apple and others is game-changing.

Sourced from our proprietary, licensed hybrid solar-wind tower technology, our electricity, recently pre-qualified as “renewable” by the California Energy Commission,  will be delivered to future customers through their existing utilities. No capital investment or even change to where or how customers pay their electric bill or receive service and maintenance!

Arizona Green Power is now in the process of securing long-term power purchase agreements from interested industries and utilities future purchasers which guarantee the price of our power.

The rational is simple. Large purchasers get to lock in inexpensive green energy…and we have the renewable green energy to supply it.