Arizona Green Power can provide government entities, industries, investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electric service providers, and community choice aggregators with an affordable and abundant source of clean, ‘green’ energy that has  been pre-certified as ‘renewable’ under industries and utilities Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), one of the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the country. The RPS program requires investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electric service providers, and community choice aggregators to increase procurement from eligible renewable energy resources to 50% of total procurement by 2030.


Large companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others, are also held to high standards and fixed goals when it comes to reducing their usage of energy produced from fossil fuels over the next few decades. Moreover, these companies have an added social responsibility component that requires increasing their energy efficiency measures even more. Arizona Green Power is able to augment a company’s existing renewable energy efforts by delivering clean, green electricity directly to them through their existing utilities with ZERO upfront costs and at fixed long term competitive rates.


Large industrial companies and development projects throughout the state benefit from a vast array of energy efficient incentives designed to help industries and utilities meet its target of 50% renewable energy usage by 2030 – and potentially 1/2 renewable energy usage by 2040.  Pre-certified as ‘renewable’ under industries and utilities Renewable Portfolio Standard, Arizona Green Power is an ideal, easy and affordable source of green electricity for large industrial companies and projects throughout the state – with no upfront cost and fixed long term competitive rates.

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