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Arizona Green Power offers California industries
a bold new approach to ‘going green’

Arizona Green Power’s licensed hybrid solar-wind energy tower is capable of generating clean, efficient electricity at significant energy-cost savings, without the damaging effects caused by fossil or nuclear fuels, and other known power sources. The Company is offering California based utilities, government entities, and large industrial and commercial players the ability to secure AGP as its long-term source of affordable, clean ‘green’ power.

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Arizona Green Power’s new energy solution produces clean energy at a cost of one-third of other alternative energy sources. By utilizing unique, proprietary technology, AGP is able to overcome the current limitations of known alternative energy sources in terms of volume and price, and can produce up to 1,250 megawatts.

This revolutionary hybrid solar-wind downdraft tower technology combines dry air, heated by the solar rays of the sun, with H2O, which acts as a strong catalyst to create a powerful natural downdraft wind.

This wind hits turbines within the tower at significant speeds – powering generators to produce massive amounts of electricity.
Bold yet brilliant!

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